How to Fix a Driver That Is Installed Is Not Validated for This Computer Error in Windows 10

Fix a Driver That Is Installed Is Not Validated for This Computer Error in Windows 10

Driver related issues are common with Windows OS. While some Windows 10 users fight with post-installation driver problems, some can’t even install drivers on their computers. If you see an error message that says, ‘Drivers installed are not validated for this computer’ every time you try to install drivers on your Windows device, this article is for you.

Someone will encounter this error mostly when trying to install Intel graphics drivers on a Windows computer. Interestingly, this problem is easily fixed. So you don’t need to worry. Follow the detailed solutions in this guide to install the affected drivers on your computer without any hassle.

Before proceeding to the solution, you might need to take a moment to read why this error message appears when installing driver (s) on your Windows computer.

What Causes This Error

Well, you can spend hours to find out the reasons behind the error. Sometimes, you will hit a wall and be in the hands of a component manufacturer. In short, the PC or laptop maker system, along with Windows, prevents the driver from being installed because something about the file is inactive. And to be honest, that’s for a good reason. Read on.

When the component manufacturer releases a new driver version, it will go through a series of thorough tests on your PC maker team to ensure that it works with various hardware configurations and the latest Windows OS versions. After the testing and validation process, drivers are available for download on your PC manufacturer’s official website.


Installing the driver directly from the component manufacturer’s site can jam or make your PC unstable. That’s why PC makers strongly recommend that you install drivers from their support site to avoid system crashes or other driver-related complications. Fortunately, now Microsoft has also stepped in and pushed many common hardware related driver updates through Windows updates.

Now, how do you fix it?

1. Get Drivers from PC Manufacturers

As mentioned earlier, you might get this error because your PC manufacturer wants you to install certain drivers from its official website. Therefore, you should visit the Driver / Software / Download section on your PC manufacturer’s website and download the affected driver.

For context, if you use a Dell computer or laptop, visit the Dell website, navigate to the Driver / Software / Download website section, and find the driver. Download and install it on your computer or laptop and you should no longer be presented with an error message.


Although this method is recommended, there are some examples where the (version) driver you want is not yet available on your PC manufacturer’s website. Mostly because it has not been tested and validated. In this case, you must wait until your PC manufacturer completes the driver validation process and makes the driver available for your computer.

If you don’t have such patience, proceed to method # 2 below to install the driver on your PC.

2. Forced-Install Driver

Fortunately, there is an easy way to bypass the restrictions that exist in the factory of your PC and finally get rid of the error ‘The driver that was installed is not validated for this computer error’. You must install this driver through the Device Manager of your PC manually. Here’s how to do it.

Step 1: Use the Windows key + X keyboard shortcuts to launch the Windows Quick Access Menu. Select Device Manager.


Step 2: Double-tap the Display adapter to display a list of display drivers / graphics installed on your PC.


Step 3: Right-click on the Intel graphics driver that you want to install / update and select Update driver.


Step 4: Next, select ‘Browse my computer for driver software’.


Step 5: Select ‘Let me choose from the list of drivers available on my computer’.


Step 6: Tap the ‘Got Disk …’ button in the lower right corner of the driver update window.


That will open a new window where you will be asked to select the driver installation file from your computer.

Step 7: Tap the Browse button.


Step 8: Now, find the directory where the driver is stored on your PC, select the driver, and tap the Open button.


Step 9: Tap OK to continue.


It must automatically start the driver installation in the selected folder. And there he is; You have passed the limit that is responsible for the error ‘This driver being installed is not validated for this computer error’.

Don’t Destroy Your PC

We recommend that you only download and install drivers from your PC manufacturer’s website or through Windows Update. Because they have been tested and validated for compatibility by your PC / laptop manufacturer, these drivers have very little chance of damaging your computer. If drivers are not available on your PC manufacturer’s website and you feel like an adventure or really need to use a driver, you can install it by force (using method # 2). However, you must remember to back up the old driver before starting the installation process. That will allow you to get items back in the event of a post-installation accident.

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