How to Disable Bing in the Windows 10 Start Menu

How to Disable Bing in the Windows 10 Start Menu

Windows 10, by default, sends everything you look for in the Start Menu to their server to give you results from Bing searches – so you better make sure that you don’t type anything private into your PC’s own Start Menu. Or, you can disable Bing integration in the Start Menu.

Update: We now have a solution that works on Windows 10 May 2020 Update from Windows 10. In our experience, this also disables Microsoft Edge ads that appear when you search for Chrome in the Windows 10 Start menu.

It’s worth noting that the default search for Android and even iOS will also send your search results to their server to try and get more relevant results – but somehow it looks different when you are on a personal computer at home trying to search through your personal files.

We are very happy that they include a way to easily disable web integration – just note that if you want to use Cortana, you don’t have a choice whether the Start Menu uses Bing, so you will have to disable Cortana to disable web integration.

How to Deactivate Bing in the Start Menu on Windows Update May 10 May

Starting with Windows 10 May Update, there are new registry settings that control this option. You must edit the Windows registry to disable web search in the Start menu.

Here is our standard warning: Registry Editor is a powerful tool and making the wrong changes can make your system unstable or even inoperable. This is a direct change and, if you follow the instructions, you will be fine. But if you have never used it before, consider reading about how to use Registry Editor. We always recommend backing up your Registry (and your computer) before making changes.

To get started, open the Registry Editor by clicking Start and typing “regedit”. Double-click the “Registry Editor” shortcut that appears (or press Enter) and click “Yes” to the UAC prompt.


Navigate to the following button using the left panel. You can also copy and paste the following address into the Registry Editor address bar and press Enter:



Create a new DWORD value by right clicking on the right panel and pointing to New> DWORD (32-bit) Value.


Name the value “DisableSearchBox Suggestions”. Double click and set the value data to “1”.


You must restart your computer, exit and re-enter, or at least restart Windows Explorer for your changes to take effect.

Download One-click Registry Changes for May 2020 Updates

If you feel uncomfortable making changes to the Registry yourself, we have made two downloadable files that you can use. One file disables web search from the Start Menu, and the other file will re-enable web search. Both are included in the following zip file, and each one functions by changing the values that we show how to change above. Double-click the one you want and click the instructions.

How to Disable Bing Integration in the Start Menu, the Old Way

Note: These instructions apply to older versions of Windows 10, including November 2019 Update, May 2019 Update, and October 2018 Update.

To get started, open the Registry Editor by opening the Start menu, type “regedit”, and press Enter. In Registry Editor, use the left sidebar to navigate to the following keys:



Right-click the Search icon and select New Value> DWORD (32-bit). Name the new value BingSearchEnabled.


Double-click the new BingSearchEnabled value to open the properties dialog. The number in the “Value data” box should already be 0 – just make sure it’s still 0. Click OK to continue.


Under BingSearchEnabled, you will see CortanaConsent. Double-click this value to open the properties dialog. Change the “Value Data” box to “0”.

If you don’t see CortanaConsent, create it by following the same steps that you used to make BingSearchEnabled.


You can close Registry Editor now. If you are looking for a start menu, now you will only see local results. If the changes do not take effect immediately, restart your PC.


If you want web search results back, all you have to do is open the Registry Editor and change the BingSearchEnabled and CortanaConsent values back to 1.


You can also run this registry hack. Changes must be immediate – if not and you still see Bing results on your Start menu, restart your PC.

How to Deactivate Bing in the Start Menu, a Really Long Way

Update: Microsoft removed this easy graphic option from Windows 10 Year Anniversary Update. Even if you turn off Cortana with registry tweaks or group policies, Windows 10 won’t disable web search in the Start menu. However, you can do a Google Start menu search instead of Bing, if you want.

Luckily Bing is very easy to deactivate, and you only need to go to the Cortana search settings screen – the easiest way to do this type of “cortana setting” in the Start Menu and choose the “Cortana & Search Settings” item.


This will bring up a settings dialog, which will look different depending on whether you have disabled Cortana or not.

If you want to disable Bing integration, you must also disable Cortana – so turn it to Off.


Now that you have disabled Cortana, the rest of the dialog will change and you will see an option to “Search online and include web results”, which you also want to disable – this is how you actually disable Bing from the Start Menu.


And now when you search for anything, it will only look for your own PC.


Notice how clean it is now – and it says “Find my stuff”, not “Search the web”.

Note that if you want to disable the search box from the Taskbar, you must right-click and choose the Hidden option.


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